Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back to School Donut Hole Apple Pops

My Donut Hole Apple Pops were inspired by these Oreo Apple Pops at Shindig Parties to Go. (I love everything Amanda does!) The problem was that I didn't have time to order the molds used to make the Oreo Pops. (Don't get me wrong I would love to own them but sometimes you've just gotta make do with stuff you already have.)

I knew this week would be really busy with last minute summer fun and getting all the back to school shopping done so I wanted to make an apple pop that would be really easy. I knew I could make cake pops and shape them like apples but with the other projects I wanted to do for our Back to School dinner I didn't really have time. So I started brainstorming about what round, bakery type items I could make into apples. DONUT HOLES!

Ingredients: Donut Holes, Skewers, Red Candy Melts, Pretzel Sticks, Green Laffy Taffy.
Kitchen Supplies: Rolling Pin, Knife, Styrofoam, Cookie Sheet, Wax Paper

First, roll the Laffy Taffy out to desired thickness. Cut leaf shape with a small knife. I found I could get 6 per mini Laffy Taffy. But you can also take the scraps and reroll to get a few more leaves (like sugar cookie dough).

Melt red candy coating (Wilton Candy Melts) in a small bowl per package instructions. Dip the blunt end of your skewer into the candy coating and insert into the donut hole.

Place all donuts on a cookie sheet covered in wax paper and refrigerate about 5 minutes until the candy is set up. This step will keep the donut hole from falling of the skewer as you work with it.

Using a spoon, spoon the candy coating over the donut hole, covering it completely. Then tap the skewer against the bowl to remove excess candy.

Attach a broken pretzel stick and the Laffy Taffy leaves to the top of each apple.

Use a piece of Styrofoam to stick the skewers in and allow them to dry.

Finished product!  To display the donut apple pops, you can wrap a piece of Styrofoam with wrapping paper and line up the apples or you can make an pencil vase with inexpensive pencils and a round or square vase.

Since glazed donut holes are each unique in size and shape, each of the "apples" will be too. But then not all real apples are perfect either! Happy Back to School

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Abby said...

This is such a cute idea! I love that you used doughnut holes.

WhichCraft-Liz said...

Love your blog! This is a great idea. My kids would definitely enjoy this on any random day. :) Thanks for sharing! new and faithful follower.