Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Schedule Free Printable

We've finally made it to summer! My kids have been out of school for a week but this is our first "real" day of summer vacation because we spent last week out of town. In honor of summer finally arriving, I thought I would share with you a bright summer weekly calendar I made to keep my little family from spending every minute of these long summer days in front of the TV.

First, I have to give lots of credit to Steph at Somewhat Simple for the original idea for the calendar. She offered a free printable calendar here that inspired me to make my own. Check hers out, it may work better for you. Steph gave me the idea to give each day of the week a special theme so that the kids have something to look forward to and I am more likely to follow through with fun stuff if it's written down! Steph's days of the week were: make something Monday, time to read Tuesday, what's cooking Wednesday, be thoughtful Thursday, somewhere fun Friday. I knew I wanted to tweak these a bit to fit my family's schedule.
So my schedule is:

Make Something Monday (crafts or art projects)
Examples: Simple craft kits from Michaels, basic sewing lessons for older kids, scout craft projects to pass of achievements, paper airplane kit from Christmas, homemade play dough or bubbles, finger painting with pudding, sidewalk chalk mural, coloring pages etc.
Time Out Tuesday (a fun outing)
Examples: Your outing doesn't have to cost a lot, there are lots of free days at museums, free summer bowling programs, free shows at the library, new parks to explore, cheap summer movie programs, free play dates and don't forget to look for coupons that make expensive activities affordable.  Also, the activity doesn't have to last all day, after all this is supposed to make summer more enjoyable not more stressful.
What's Cooking Wednesday (cooking or baking)
Examples: We love to cook and bake but I think cooking is such an important life skill that all kids need to learn how to safely cook, especially healthy foods. Toddlers and preschoolers can stir and help prep food, older kids can choose a recipe and make a whole meal. This might mean you don't have to make dinner on Wednesdays! If you don't want a whole batch of cookies starring you in the face then give some away to friends and neighbors and you've also done a service together! Or make a batch of muffins or pancakes to freeze for easy breakfasts the kids can reheat themselves.
Thinking Thursday (educational time)
Examples: Practice in workbooks, do science experiments, review flashcards or play educational computer games. Also throw in a few educational outings such as the planetarium, aquarium or library.
Family Fun Friday (family activities either during the day or the evening)
Examples: Going to lunch with Daddy, picnic for dinner, family game night or movie night, visit Grandma and Grandpa or have some cousins over for a play date.

The whole purpose is to give the kids fun things to anticipate and not put off doing fun things just to find the summer is over and we spent it indoors playing video games. I feel like this is what happened to us last summer, but I had a new baby and you do what ya gotta do! Also, before you feel totally overwhelmed it only took me an hour or two with our calendar and the computer to research and plan the whole summer. Also, I found that we already had a church dinner, dance recital and a family reunion on Fridays this summer, so I automatically had plans for 3 Family Fun Fridays. I looked at my son's Scout book and have found that a lot of the cooking and crafts and even family game night can be used to pass of requirements for his next badge. So I am trying to make things as easy as I can by using things that we would have been doing anyway!

Here is an example of my calendar (including a daily schedule that my kids can initial when they've completed their morning and evening responsibilities. When they finished their responsibilities then they have free time for most of the day to spend doing "our activity", playing with friends, watching TV, playing games etc. I don't want to turn the lazy days of summer into a structured, stressful time but I do want my kids to realize that there are still things that must be done before we can play.
**I have laminated my calendar so that I can fill in the activity for each day with a dry erase marker. You can also print out a new calendar for each week if you prefer.

The first calendar that you can download has my daily themes included but the schedule is blank for you to use or not. Click here to download.

The second calendar you can download is completely blank so that you can fill in all of your own info. Click here to download.

Happy Summer! Thanks to Scrap Girls, LLC and Betsy Lombardi and Durin Eberhart the designers of  the "Refresh" digital kit used to make this calendar.

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Me said...

Thank You for being so Organized! I love all these little things and I am putting them to good use!

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Looks awesome! I love calendars and schedules.. duh!
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Amy said...

Great idea! (What's a watermelon waffle???...I'm intrigued!)

Amy @ A Little Nosh

Christina said...

Amy, I saw Watermelon Waffles on a link party last week and knew we had to try them! Here is the link and check back tomorrow because I will be posting pictures of how ours turned out!

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I used the calendar printable from somewhat simple as inspiration too, I like that yours is 8 x 11. What program did you use to make you printable?
~Thanks, JamieS@ Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Christina said...

Jamie, don't you love when your inspired by something creative! (I used Photoshop Elements to make mine and just set the size to be 8x11.)

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Great post! So much fun!
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Heidi said...

Thanks so much! I was wanting a weekly planning schedule to post and was not wanting to spend the money to buy one so this is perfect! I am a new follower! Check out my blog