Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"All American" Sports Party

My little #3 turned 3! He's such an active, sports loving kid, I had to do a sports themed party to celebrate. I spent months brainstorming, shopping, creating and preparing for his party. There are so many fun ways you could take this theme: balls, one specific sport, a few sports, all sports, Olympics..... I decided that since he is still so young and doesn't have one favorite sport, I wanted to incorporate his four favorites: Football, Soccer, Basketball and Baseball. After choosing these sports I needed to come up with a color scheme. After experimenting with several combinations of colors, I decided that red, white and blue would work well with my "All American" sports theme.
I scoured the Internet and etsy for invitations and printables to go along with my theme but I didn't find any that fit the vision I had in my head, so I learned how to make my own! This is part of what took so much time preparing for the party. It took me hours to design the invitation, party circles, pennants, banners and mini buntings. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and was pleased with the final product and the way they pulled the party together.
I love celebrating birthdays and I spend a significant amount of time and effort to do so, but I am not a fan of spending a lot of money. So when it came to a location I thought it would be fun to have it somewhere "sporty". However, since it is winter I couldn't have it at a park or baseball field and I don't usually pay for a special location so I decided that reserving our church gym would give us room to eat and play on a "court".
I hope you enjoy the pictures of the details as much as my big 3 year old loved his party! (Thanks to Grandpa S for being such a great photographer, these are special memories we will have forever-thank you!)

Planning the food is one of my favorite things but it can be tricky to have themed party food that will please kids and adults and include healthy options. I chose hot dogs (beef and turkey), Cracker Jacks, chips, fruit, veggies, chocolate covered marshmallow pops, sports ball suckers, baked beans, homemade coleslaw and red white and blue cupcakes.

I used a softball on top of the cupcake stand and my personalized cupcake toppers to make the cupcakes special. My sweet husband dipped the marshmallows (they were a hit). The small clear cups were individual servings of baked beans and this coleslaw. I purchased the suckers from Shindigz. The boxes holding the chips are from Walmart.

All of the party circles and water bottle wraps were designed by me. I found the trophies at Dollartree and I knew I had to find a way to incorporate them so they became nut cups! The centerpieces were a megaphone from Zurchers with Styrofoam inside to hold the pennant (made with my Cricut and the Sports Mania cartridge) and the ball picks (balls were from DollarTree and Walmart with a skewer inserted).

With the help of my SUPPORTIVE husband we set up the gym to allow room in one half to eat and room to play in the other half. The red table was for autographing a new book for Matt to keep to help him remember this special day. The blue table had a ball for each of the boys, pom poms for each of the girls and a mini picture frame with a photo of Matt for the grandparents to take home. The backdrop for the food table was a chalkboard to represent a coaches game plan (you know X-----O  O-------X).
After dinner we had a sports obstacle course that consisted of throwing the ball through a hula hoop, kicking a ball through cones to a soccer net, catching a softball in a mitt and making a basket in a mini hoop. We also had a TV with Wii sports and this color your own Paddle Ball craft. I made Matt a new shirt to wear for his party with an iron on from here.

This is the invite. I wish the colors had been more accurate when they were printed but I guess you get what you pay for!

Just a few of my favorites details from this party: The cupcakes were red and blue on the inside thanks to Jell-O. (I'll post a tutorial on these soon.) The book that everyone signed is a special keepsake. I may have to make this a tradition. Having Grandma's and Grandpa's to make these special days so much more special. Last, the look on Matt's face when he walked in the room, he was so excited!
 Truth Be Told:
-When we got in the car to set up for the party, the car wouldn't start. After jump starting it, we arrived at the church and realized we'd forgotten the ice cream! It never goes exactly as planned!
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Sisters' Stuff said...

Super Cute Party!

Brittany @ GreyGreyDesigns said...

Great job! LOVE the chalkboard backdrop! Genius!

Debbie said...

Great party! What a great idea having it in the gym!

Larissa said...

Super cute. I want to do a baseball party for one of my boys, this has tons of great ideas.

Thanks for sharing.

Just Another Day in Paradise

Amanda said...

Seriously no fair....my kids want you as their mom!

Christina said...

Amanda, you are too funny. Your kids have a WONDERFUL Mom!

Kim @ Party Frosting! said...

fantastic! I love all the details (and I agree) Chalkboard was genius! ...& I agree, nothing ever goes as planned!

hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

iheartgigiandaaron said...

You did a fantastic job. Lots of great ideas! I just purchased a cricuit machine. Which cartride did you use to make the cupcake toppers?

Christina said...

Thanks for everyones sweet comments. I didn't use the Cricuit to make the cupcake toppers but I did use it for the pennants that were part of the centerpieces. For the cupcake toppers I designed them using Photoshop Elements and cut them out using a 2" circle punch. Hope that helps!

A To Zebra Celebrations said...

I love all your ideas!!! Fabulous job!! ~nancy~

Jamie said...

What a great looking party. Hope to see you at DIY Home Sweet home. I'm your newest follower. Cute blog

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Melanie @ bear rabbit bear said...

What a fun party! So awesome! Thanks for linking to Things I've Done Thursday!

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